The costs of a visit to the veterinarian depend on the type of treatment and also on the animal species. However, to ensure that your vet does not present you with an overpriced bill, the Fee schedule for veterinarians (abbreviated GOT).

The veterinarian is obliged to adhere to the maximum and minimum prices specified in the GOT. The List of fees is attached to the GOT and lists all possible treatments and examinations with prices. For example, the prices for examinations, castrations, operations etc. on dogs, cats, rabbits etc. are listed there and differentiated according to the type of service.

This fee schedule may seem very confusing at first glance, but it offers the following advantages:

- it provides a good guideline for both parties, veterinarians and owners

- it gives owners at least the assurance that a certain price may not be exceeded, and

- it allows, through the "modular system", to put together an overall service in such a way that, on the one hand, it is tailored to the capabilities of the practice, but on the other hand  

  are also adaptable to the needs of the owner.

Because the GOT is sometimes confusing, we will gladly explain your invoice to you at any time. Just contact us please!

The prices stated in the GOT represent the so-called "simple rate". This means that these amounts may not be undercut. Your veterinarian may charge a maximum of three times the rate for the treatment of your animal. The prices stated are net prices, i.e. plus 19 % VAT!

Please note when quoting prices that there are usually additional costs for preliminary examinations, medication and surgical materials. Additional costs may also arise if the treatment lasts longer. You should therefore always inform yourself about the expected costs before starting treatment of the animal. We will be happy to provide you with more information. It is also a matter of course that you will receive a proper invoice from us in which the date of the examination, the animal species, the diagnosis and the examinations carried out are written down.

By the way, you can pay cash, but from 30 EUR you can also pay by EC card or credit cards such as Visa or Master!

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